Ipsilon and FedOAuth merge complete, FedOAuth deprecation

As you might know, I currently maintain an open source identity provider project named FedOAuth.

Since September, I have been working with Simo Sorce to merge FedOAuth with another identity provider called Ipsilon.

As of today, I deem this merge complete: Ipsilon has all major FedOAuth features now.
As such, I am hereby announcing that FedOAuth will be in maintenance-only mode as of today, meaning only important bugfixes/security changes will be made.

My advice to any current installations of FedOAuth is to migrate to Ipsilon soon.
If you need any help with this, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Also, FedOAuth will reach the End-Of-Life at February 1st, 2015: as of that date, no new releases will be made for FedOAuth, so please make sure to migrate or get in contact with me before that date.

What now?

I will continue to contribute to Ipsilon, and make sure it becomes better over time!
More blog posts on Ipsilon and its advantages are coming soon, so be sure to look forward to those!

If you want to congratulate me and Simo with getting the merge done, or have any other feedback on Ipsilon, feel free to pop by on #ipsilon at FreeNode.

If you want to contact me, you can either ping me on FreeNode (puiterwijk), or drop an email to puiterwijk@redhat.com.

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