Ipsilon 0.3.0 released

My last post about the identiy provider project Ipsilon is now almost a month old, and we just hit another big milestone in Ipsilon: version 0.3.0 has been released!

This release includes a bunch of new features, partially because of the merge with FedOAuth, of which the most notable are, in no particular order :

  • A transaction system so Ipsilon can be used to authenticate in multiple browser tabs at the same time
  • A completely revamped admin panel to make it more user-friendly
  • The option to have completely file-based configuration in case you use configuration management
  • Ability to store configuration and other data in a SQL database
  • Addition of OpenID support including some often-used extensions
  • Addition of the Persona protocol
  • And lots of more fixes and code cleanup

For more information, see the 0.3.0 release page.

We also now have a mailing list to get in contact with the Ipsilon developers to contribute or ask questions about Ipsilon.

You can also get in contact with us on #ipsilon on Freenode.

Thanks to everyone that helped with this release, and we hope to have more exciting new in the near future!

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