Contact Information

For anyone who wants to get in contact with me, hereby a (non-exhaustive) list of ways to get in touch with me.

I happily solicit GPG encrypted emails. Look at the bottom of the page for my key.

  • IRC: puiterwijk on FreeNode and GIMPNet
  • Email:

I have a lot more email addresses, and if you have any of those, they might still work as well. To be sure I get to them in a reasonable time, you might want prefer this one.


Some of my other email addresses if you want to confirm their authenticity (please only use these if you know you need to):

  • patrick@{,}
  • puiterwijk@{,,,}

Note that I have many more, but I would suggest you to consider updating your contact info with the address from the previous section if you want to have any chance of me reading your email.

If you're having problems parsing the above, take a look at the Bash manual.